Full body, non-human touch massage experiences in the OHCO M8 Massage Chair.

De-stress with carefully crafted massage programs,
serene visuals and calming sounds.

This unique experience is tailored to YOUR well BEING.  

No-one else shares the space and air with you during this beneficial session.

tension taming

Experience details.

Select 1 masterfully crafted massage program (8 to 21 minutes of active chair time) plus+ sights and sounds of choice.

This experience allows for 35 min. maximum in our air purified, sanitized and serene space.

$30.00 plus tax.


Experience details.

Select 2 masterfully crafted massage programs (17 to 21 minutes of active chair time PER program) plus+ sights and sounds of choice.

This experience allows for 50 min. maximum in our air purified, sanitized and serene space. 

$50.00 plus tax.

Please Note:  Total time of experience does not reflect total operational time of chair.  Each program Is an average of 17 to 21 minutes In length. Your total allotted time includes selection of sounds and sights of choice and more importantly...time to settle into the chair, and gently step out of this relaxing experience. 



  • Book 2 hours in our serene space tailored for your relaxation. 

  • Take turns relaxing and de-stressing on the OHCO M8 Chair.  

  • Connect via WIFI to our 75" television and enjoy watching or listening to your selected media.

  • If you'd like, order in and simply enjoy your moment of connection, relaxation and peace in a safe and serene space. 

Simply call 647-504-4301 to tailor your moment for mental peace, emotional calmness and physical ease.
  • Zero gravity smooth recline position with 6 heat zones to choose from.

  • 49” L-Track with adjustable neck, shoulder & back tension reach and point pressure. 

  • 48 air bags with tailored air intensity, giving a truly hands-on feeling.

  • + endless manual options for precise stress care where "that's the spot" is a common thought.

We use and offer CAN95 masks, no touch, no wait, street accessible, 6 feet apart experience with the RABBIT Air filtration system providing clean air every 30 minutes.

Our SAFETY efforts.

After EACH session, we detail clean and sanitize using a medical grade UVC light and non-harsh chemicals.

The award winning Rabbit AIR PURIFIERS provides the space with fresh air every 30 minutes.

Session Tips

  • You will be required to sign a liability and confirm you have read our Health and Safety Policies PRIOR your session.
  • Wear soft, stretchable long sleeves and pants. Socks too! 
  • No jewelry nor thick materials.
  • Allow yourself a NO RUSH energy before AND after your session.
  • This is a moment to de-stress and find texture to YOUR calm and relaxed being..

We take extensive precautions for optimal health protection for ourselves, you and our community.

We appreciate your efforts in keeping everyone safe and all actions sincere. 

Surrender to the experience of well BEING.

For anyone between 5’ 1” (155 cm) to 6’ 4” (193 cm) and under 120 kg (265 lbs).  


Choose the Lay Flat Recline for a restful, inactive session or elevate your legs slightly higher than your heart in Zero Gravity to improve circulation, increase lung capacity and gently decompress the lumbar spine.

Enjoy total relaxation with no front body pressure.  These face-up positions reduce nasal discomfort.

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