Full body, stay dressed, non-human touch massage experiences.

For anyone between 5’ 1” (155 cm) to 6’ 4” (193 cm) in height and under 120 kg (265 lbs) in weight.  


Indulge in the carefully choreographed pressure point massage programs developed by respected Japanese Shiatsu Master: 

Immerse yourself in sights and sounds of choice or recommendation

This serene experience is tailored for well BEING.  

  • Zero gravity smooth recline plus variable pressure options.

  • 6 heat zones.

  • 49” L-Track with adjustable neck, shoulder & back tension with extended reach capabilities.

  • 48 air bags with tailored air intensity, giving a truly hands-on feeling.

  • + endless manual options for precise stress care where "that's the spot" is a common thought.

No-one else shares the space and air with you during this beneficial session.

tension taming

Experience details.

Select 1 masterfully crafted massage program (8 to 21 minutes of active chair time) plus+ sights and sounds of choice.

This experience allows for 35 min. maximum in our air purified, sanitized and serene space.

$30.00 plus tax.


Experience details.

Select 2 masterfully crafted massage programs (17 to 21 minutes of active chair time PER program) plus+ sights and sounds of choice.

This experience allows for 50 min. maximum in our air purified, sanitized and serene space. 

$50.00 plus tax.

Please Note:  Total time of experience does not reflect total operational time of chair.  Each program Is an average of 17 to 21 minutes In length. Your total allotted time includes selection of sounds and sights of choice and more importantly...time to settle into the chair, and gently step out of this relaxing experience. 


Date night idea!


  • Book 2 hours in our serene space tailored for your relaxation. 

  • Take turns relaxing and de-stressing on the OHCO M8 Chair.  

  • Connect via WIFI to our 75" television and enjoy watching or listening to your selected media.

  • If you'd like, order in and simply enjoy your moment of connection, relaxation and peace in a safe and serene space. 

Simply call 647-504-4301 to tailor your moment for mental peace, emotional calmness and physical ease.


What should I wear?

Ideally, thin long sleeve top (no cuffs) and relaxed bottoms (no belts). Minimal jewellery and socks.

How many sessions can I do at once?

We recommend 2 programs, about 35-42 minutes of active chair time.  With so many rollers and air bags it feels like 8 hands working on you all at once.

Any recommendations BEFORE my session?

Do not eat 30 minutes prior and be sure to drink a glass of water before (and after) your session.

Any recommendations AFTER my session?

Drink the provided glass of water, take your time and ideally take a salt bath in the evening to extend the benefits.

How often should I visit to get the full benefits of the chair?

Ideally weekly for high stress sufferers, 2X monthly for pain management.  Monthly to manage mental stress. Works well with other complementary self-care actions such as Chiropractic care. 

Can this massage session be covered under my insurance?

The OHCO is considered medical equipment and can be covered, if under a chiropractor or R.M.T. recommendation. Ask your chiropractor to place the OHCO at their clinic for optimal covered care. 

OF NOTE:  The OHCO M8 Massage Chair provides relaxation massage with focused work on certain areas such as shoulders and lower back.  Though effective for pain relief and stress, the chair is not to be used as a replacement for human massage, deep tissue therapy and acute pain.  This relaxation experience COMPLEMENTS self-care actions and your normal health routine.

We take extensive precautions for optimal health protection for ourselves, our clients and our community.

The safest massage in the city!

Our SAFETY efforts.

After EACH session, we detail clean and sanitize using a medical grade UVC light and non-harsh chemicals.


The award winning Rabbit AIR PURIFIERS provides the space with fresh air every 30 minutes.

What people are saying...

I was impressed with the zero gravity/face-up position as it reduces the usual stuffed up nasal discomfort that happens after an upside down table massage treatment. Love, Love, Love this  experience.  Will be back for sure!
Never thought I would get excited about a chair (although it like no other chair you've ever seen), but this thing is AWESOME! Massage left me feeling amazing and the owners were really helpful. Great place that takes COVID precautions seriously (air filters, UV disinfectants etc.). Will definitely be back for more!
WOW! What an incredibly unique experience. I LOVED every second of my time in Siéntate! It was relaxing and rejuvenating; better than some traditional massages I have received. I will definitely be back and sharing this wonderful experience with family and friends!
An amazing experience, especially for quarantine times. Safe, clean and very relaxing.
Awesome experience . OHCO is incredible and I feel it even does a better job than massage therapist. You can choose so many different options for a massage from sportive strong to relaxing. I also love the chair has a Zero Gravity option that can be adjusted. The owners are amazing, knowledgeable and super helpful. They keep the place very clean and safe during these quarantine times. If you want to try it, it is definitely an unforgettable experience and I recommend very much Sientate.


There is no medical advice dispensed or a prescribed use of any technique, treatment or therapy.  All discussions, products and services are not a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems discussed with your doctor/health professional either directly or indirectly.  We offer information for educational purposes only and our carefully selected products provide their own impressive warranties, returns and exchanges.  Each product has helped myself, family members, dear friends and appreciative clients.  I feel blessed to share sincere items of well BEING.

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