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A family of well-researched products for well BEING.

The products we offer are carefully chosen and have provided an impressive and positive impact on family, friends and clients.

Canada's best weighted blanket to reduce stress and fall asleep faster.

Natural products tailored to relax yet rejuvenate your body and mind.

Elevated jewellery for those who embrace function and fashion.

Our by appointment relaxation boutique offers a safe, sanitized and serene space to explore what may help reduce anxiety and ease stress for you.


There is no medical advice dispensed or a prescribed use of any technique, treatment or therapy.  All discussions, products and services are not a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems discussed with your doctor/health professional either directly or indirectly.  We offer information for educational purposes only and our carefully selected products provide their own impressive warranty.  The products offered have helped myself, friends and clients.  I hope to simply inspire moments of well BEING for you.

If you produce a product with passion that helps people relax, de-stress and simply make life better...feel free to discuss product promotion at the Siéntate store or for our curated events.
I welcome the exploration to grow together and help others.

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