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I created Siéntate because sometimes, we just need a moment.

Time for yourself,

by yourself.

Silvina Etchegoyen
Co-owner and Vision Lead
Spanish, English & French speaking.

“Live presently, breathe consciously, produce responsibly, impress daily, behave pleasantly, express nicely, inspire regularly, walk peacefully, think fluidly, dream constantly, achieve progressively, evolve ethically, guide instinctively, act authentically and engage with…sincerity.”


In March 2020, I sensed a storm of stress following the lockdown measures and COVID-19 related experiences that would overwhelm individuals, families and workplaces.   

Knowing massage as one of the most recognized, respected and well-known options for stress relief, I decided to search for the latest advances in non-human touch massage options. I discovered the OHCO M8 Massage Chair and its impressive tension taming capabilities. This well-engineered made in Japan machine offers carefully crafted massage programs tailored to help active people and/or those who sit for long periods.


The OHCO M8 massage chair is elevated technology with impressive engineering and refined luxury.  A session in the chair will have your muscles tended, knots eased and your mind calmed.  

Imagine safe and non-human touch massages with a true hands-on-feel.  A belly-up and zero gravity position minimizing nasal discomfort that may surface after traditional belly-down table sessions.  This experience is suitable for the avid massage go-er as well as someone who has never been before.    

You can explore and experience the OHCO Massage Chair in a serene space that includes: The award-winning Rabbit Air with HEPA filtration system providing clean air every 30 minutes, UVC light sanitation actions, and remaining 6ft apart at all times.  Select sights and sounds of choice to amplify your relaxation experience. This is one of the safest ways to experience a massage.   

You can purchase the OHCO M8 for your home/office as we are in partnership with the exclusive OCHO dealership in Ontario to provide exceptional delivery, installation, assembly and packaging disposal services.  We include training and direct customer care.    

In spring 2021, I added Hush to the growing family of well-researched relaxation-focused products.  This highly rated Hush weighted blanket, tailored for anxiety assistance and better sleep are available to "feel" before you invest.  And...we include a complementary OHCO M8 Massage session with any Hush blanket purchase.  

Come, sit down, and let's talk about how to ease your mental stress and tame your tensions.



PLEASE NOTE: We do not dispense medical advice or prescribe the use of any technique as a replacement form of treatment for physical, mental or medical problems discussed with your doctor/health professional either directly or indirectly. 

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