For those with interest in...

The Practise(s) of Meditation
Let's talk about...
  • Meditation Masters

  • Ayurvedic Approaches

  • Buddha Perspectives

  • Home vs Group Experiences

  • Where and how to find a tribe that resonates with you.

Non-religious Spirituality
Let's talk about...
  • The Spirit world and how non physical energies may help heal aspects of your inner self that needs immediate attention.

  • Discuss "unseen" energies. What does it "feel" like?  How do I trust what I don't see? And more questions answered with sensibility, sincerity and mindfully.

  • Learn about dimensions of awareness, levels of emotional Intelligence and understanding basic brain function. 

  • Universal Laws of Energy and how to FLOW with them rather than again.

Emotional Balance
Let's talk about...

Helping you narrow the vast and various potentials available to you.  Tailoring to your COMFORT zone and INDIVIDUAL interests.

Tips on how to "do therapy" and getting the best out of this vital personal investment.

Finding the BEST help for YOU at this time. 

By appointment ONLINE sessions.

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